Winter Warmers Selection - Jersey

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Sleeveless V Neck Jersey in Black Long Sleeved V Neck Jersey in Navy Blue

• Your classic jersey of choice for warmth, comfort, strength and durability. 
• Suitable for promotions, work wear and leisure wear. 
• A perennial favourite for a warm winter.

Fabric Features:
• Knitted from 100% Acrylic yarn
• 10 Gauge needle knit
• Top quality yarn for durability, colourfastness and shape retention

• Available in both long sleeve and sleeveless pullover options
• Classic fit for warmth and comfort
• Inset V-neck
• Knitted with double rib and cuff
• No stripes

Sizes (standard):
• S-M-L-XL-2XL-3XL

Sizes (other - while stocks last, or on order):
• 4XL-5XL

Colours (standard - while stocks last, or on order):
• Black, Navy, other on special order

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